Hello! My name is Catrin Kylberg and I founded Idyllien together with my family. Our first store opened (2010) on the beautiful island Gotland, located in the Baltic sea - in the same pink house as we have our second home. Idyllien is a charity company with an overall purpose of creating surplus to charity projects for families with severely ill children. Our products are inspired by the life we ​​live on the island and the dream of a relaxed time in the sun. We hope that our products help to create that extra pleasure, making your day just a little bit more enjoyable. At Idyllien you will find scented products for home and body with our own bespoke parfumes inspired by the island, as well as wonderful, handmade organic bath- and beach textiles, accessories and other gifts for yourself or someone you love. Most of the products are developed and designed by us and they are only available for purchase in our stores. We also season the range with carefully chosen treasures from our travels to near and far, choosing primarily handmade and small-scale producesditems. Most important, we only sell what we love!

You can find our products in our shop in Stockholm (located inside of Sturegallerian), in Visby (opened parts of the year) or online. Unfortunately our website is only in Swedish, but please don't hesitate to send us a mail if you are interested in ordering some of our products. We will help you with all information you need in English. You can always order via mail and pre-pay with credit card or bank transfer. We ship safely and trackable worldwide with UPS or DHL.


Our misssion: sell good things to do good things 


Idyllien design, produce and sell good things to do good things for families with severely ill children. We use Idyllien as a platform to generate profits for our charity project Idyllienhoppet (www.idyllienhoppet.org).

We, the founders of the company, lost our youngest daughter Leia to cancer after a 10 year struggle against the disease. This means that we know that illness affect the whole family, not just the one who gets sick. We started Idyllien as a positive family project during a period of time when we had decided that the illness had been putting our lifes on hold for too long. We needed a positive, creative project to focus on together! It beceme our way to embrace life and keep our family together. After Leia passed away and her older sisters went on their own ways, we decided to keep Idyllien going by using our shops, brand and wondeful products to help other families still struggeling in the situation we were in. Idyllien is a creative tool and a channel to create profits  through retail for our projects.